Hosted IVR Service Provider in India

A reliable and scalable IVR service provider in Jaipur, Sikar and all Over India offers cloud-based IVR service according to your business needs. IVR solutions are expecting high call volumes, decrease cost and improve the client experience. The IVR service provider in India allows callers’ inquiries to be solved without the requirement for lining and acquiring the cost of a live operator.

  • call-solution

    Call Solution

    CALL SOLUTION- Airmasterz Business services are simply the solution in which the services of a call center will be available for you business. This will help your business to grow faster. It will help you in converting your caller into customer.

    Call Solution includes Voice Broadcasting, Virtual Number, Virtual Receptionist, Tollfree Number, Call Center.

  • IVR Number

    Convert your conversions to telephony conversations and connect more customers with your managed calls or business with the right information.

    Simple and accurate business and better information communicates with callers or receives information and calls the appropriate recipient the call. An IVR system accepts the combination of voice telephone input and touch-tone keypad selection and probably provides appropriate feedback in the form of other media.

    Boost your business globally, and break the business barriers and get connected with large number of customers.

  • Cloud_telephony

    Cloud Telephony

    CLOUD TELEPHONY- Airmasterz Business Services will provide you the latest technology of Cloud Telephony which will eliminate the need for physical servers, wires and land line phones.

    Cloud Telephony includes On-premise call center, Custom Music on Hold, Text to Speech, Real Time Notification, Voice Mail, CRM Integration, Custom API and Many more……

  • Voice Call

    If you want to increase your success rate then create a new brand with your business voice call and increase your success rate.

    The best way to increase your business is to make a voice call. Voice call plays an important role in all areas including your business, brand, product, Ecommerce, etc. Your quality information should reach everyone and the quality should be high so do not miss any information.

    Voice call is a simple communication technology that explodes your business and services and voice call is the life of your trade.

  • toll-free

    Toll Free Number

    Get your business a brand number, and give customers a reason to join you for a free better service.

    To promote all the things you need for your business, you need to improve the customer satisfaction required for your business and make it easy to remember the number so that it is easy for you to communicate the information required for your customer. And helps improve your customer service potential, and helps improve your marketing efforts.

    Keep your business connected, create a business with a single number and make your business thrive.

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