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Effectively Control Your Business While Working At Home

Effectively Control Your Business While Working At Home

In 2020, some work-from-home employees spent an average of nine days on video calls. Amounting to almost two full business weeks, this number will only grow as companies become more comfortable with remote work and expanded client interaction via web conference.


But for some companies, the use of video calls came with IT headaches. Glitchy software, security concerns, and the frustration of endless updates delaying meetings made something that was meant to be a solution a new challenge.


Those in charge know there has to be a better way. Business owners, managers, and human resources have carried their companies through the last year of work transitions. It's been a steep learning curve but better solutions are available every day. To meet the needs of the companies still embracing telework, the Livestorm video engagement platform works directly from the browser, skipping the hassle that comes with downloading software.


For some workers, learning multiple new remote programs has been overwhelming. That's why WFH Call Solution is designed to be intuitive. This powerful and easy-to-use platform offers a multiplicity of uses within a single dashboard. Get your employees on online meetings, virtual events, or webinars all from the same online page.  


Companies will see better usage and attendance with Work From Home TeleCalling Solution. There's no more waiting around for updates as you try to connect to a meeting or delaying a sales call because you can't reach your client via a traditional video calling platform. WFH Call Solution's powerful and intuitive design skips the nonsense so that you can get back to work.


Use the structured API to customize with some of your own integrations and make this platform really work for your company's needs. On your laptop, desktop, conference room projection, and even your smartphone on the go, you can make WFH TeleCalling Solution's settings work for you.


So start making presentations and meetings the focus instead of the clunky technology that gets you there. WFH TeleCalling Solution meant to save you time and headache for better webinars, presentations, and video calls.


Check out the free Starter plan of Airmasterz Business Services to experience the basics of Work From Home Call Solution or jump into the Premium plan where you can save 10 percent on a year of service by paying annually. With WFH Call Solution, you'll find a smarter and more powerful solution to keeping in touch whether you're in the office or not.

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